Live Recordings

Here you can find live recordings from all line-ups of the band made during the past 10 years of band history. Sometimes we cut our shows and release some live tracks for you… These tracks are all raw live cuts without any further editing – just as been played in the shows.


Line-Up: Andy WyattChristmas (git, voc), Ralf Exter (upright), Lee Diefenbach (dums)

The WyattChristmas Trio

It’s Mighty Crazy (2013, The Rambler, Eindhoven, Netherlands)


The Rhythm Stomp (2013, The Rambler, Eindhoven, Netherlands)


Through And Through (2013, The Rambler, Eindhoven, Netherlands)


Live in Bremen 20.06.2015

Line-Up: Andy WyattChristmas (git, voc), Ralf Exter (upright), John Williams (drums)


  • The WyattChristmas Four
  • During the past ten years
  • The WyattChristmas Trio
  • The WyattChristmas Four
  • The WyattChristmas Five

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